Mount / Volcanoes At Java Island

Volcanoes of Java

Mt. Semeru and Mt. Bromo in East JavaJava is almost entirely of volcanic origin, and contains numerous volcanoes, 20 of which have been active in recent historical times. As is the case for many other Indonesian islands, volcanoes have played a vital role in the geological and human history of Java. Indeed, land is created on Java as a result of lava flows, ash deposits, and mud flows (lahars). Volcanoes are a major contributor to the immense fertility of Java, as natural erosion transports volcanic material as alluvium to the island’s plains, forming thick layers of fertile sediment. The benefit is not just in the immediate vicinity of the volcano, with fine ash emitted from eruptions being dispersed over wide areas.

Climbing volcanoes (and other mountains) is increasingly popular.

List of Volcanoes
Main article: List of volcanoes in Indonesia
This list is of volcanoes from the west of Java to the east. Local terminology and usage has the word Gunung (mount or mountain) precede the names

West Java
Pulosari Stratovolcano
Karang Stratovolcano
Kiaraberes-Gagak Stratovolcano
Perbakti Stratovolcano
Mount Salak Stratovolcano
Mount Gede Stratovolcano
Mount Patuha Stratovolcano
Wayang-Windu Lava dome
Mount Malabar Stratovolcano
Tangkuban Parahu Stratovolcano
Mount Papandayan Stratovolcanoes
Mount Kendang Stratovolcano
Kamojang Stratovolcanoes
Mount Guntur Complex volcano
Mount Tampomas Stratovolcano
Galunggung Stratovolcano
Talagabodas Stratovolcano
Karaha Crater Fumarole field
Mount Cereme Stratovolcano

Central Java
Mount Slamet Stratovolcano
Dieng Volcanic Complex Complex volcano
Mount Sundoro Stratovolcano
Mount Sumbing Stratovolcano
Mount Ungaran Stratovolcano
Mount Telomoyo Stratovolcano
Mount Merbabu Stratovolcano
Mount Merapi Stratovolcano
Mount Muria Stratovolcano
Mount Lawu Stratovolcano
Mount Wilis Stratovolcano

East Java
Kelut Stratovolcano
Kawi-Butak Stratovolcanoes
Arjuno-Welirang Stratovolcano
Penanggungan Stratovolcano
Malang Plain Maars
Semeru Stratovolcano
Mount Bromo
Lamongan Stratovolcano
Lurus Complex volcano
Iyang-Argapura Complex volcano
Raung Stratovolcano
Ijen Stratovolcanoes
Baluran Stratovolcano

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